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Community Spotlight: Meet the Colvins

Article Date: 
26 October, 2012 (All day)

After a Utah State basketball game Rob Colvin met Suzanne Udy for the first time. Rob who is from North Ogden, and Suzanne who is from Salt Lake City (a Skyline High School graduate), were both enrolled in the university. Rob knew he had met someone special and was immediately interested in getting to know her better. However, he didn’t have a scrap of paper or a pen with him to jot down her information.  Being the creative person that he is, Rob used an aluminum foil gum wrapper in his pocket to scratch down her phone number. It took two tries to make the phone call but fortunately he was able to find the right combination of numbers. 
It wasn’t long before they were married. Rob pursued his childhood dream and majored in Illustration. Suzanne worked toward a degree in Special Education. She has always been genuinely interested in helping others, and wanted to be an advocate for those with special needs.  After they finished their degrees they moved to Farmington, where they began to raise their children. Rob and Suzanne have six children:  Annalynn who is married to Spencer, James and his spouse Alicia, Ian, Jenna and her husband Josh, Alix, and Ben who is a junior in high school. They are excited to be adding to their family in January as Jenna is expecting their first grandchild. 
In 2005 Rob and Suzanne decided it was time to move. They wanted to find a place that would remain close to family yet not have any of the drawbacks of a bigger city—such as pollution and traffic problems. The Colvins eventually settled on Morgan. Not to be outdone by her artist husband, Suzanne used her creativity to design the floor plan of their future home. She had to consider many features in the process. Rob would need a studio with adequate space and light for his artistic talents to flourish. Suzanne also needed to create a handicap accessible design as the Colvin’s fifth child, Alix, had multiple disabilities. Suzanne designed a beautiful open floor plan that would fit their family perfectly. Tragedy struck the family during the time their home was being built. Young Alix passed away at age 11 from complications due to an infection. 
As hard as it would have been after this sad time for Suzanne to go back to work with Special Needs kids, she was determined to do so. She wanted to be there for the children.  She works with some of the most incredible kids in the county stating that “Everybody can grow, everybody has a potential to do more and to learn more.” With this mentality she is diligently trying to give the best education to each child regardless of their handicap. She loves kids she works with. This is apparent in the way she focuses her time and energy in finding programs tailored for each child—always wanting to help them live up to their potential. She finds great satisfaction in seeing students start to do something independently that they could not do before.
Rob too has found great fulfillment in his career as an artist. His passion for transforming the images of his mind to a permanent format others could enjoy began in his childhood. As a young boy Rob loved art and frequently spent his time drawing pictures and doodling. His mother was an inspiration to Rob, she being an artist herself would provide him with whatever art supplies he wanted to help fan the flames of his budding talent. Rob loved to spend time with watercolors and as he grew up he knew when he entered college he would major in Illustration. He has been able to establish himself as a successful artist with a rewarding career working right out of the studio his wife designed for him in their home.
Both Rob and Suzanne work in careers they love and are passionate about—a phenomenon that is increasingly rare in our fast-paced competitive society. Rob is very thankful that he is able to work from home and spend time with family.  Throughout his career he has worked on many different projects from landscapes to illustrations. Rob has primarily made a living on conceptual illustrations. This is where an artist takes a concept or an idea and tries to portray it through art. This type of work is mainly featured in magazines and business publications, in which Rob has been featured in many.
With the change in the economy in recent years, the art industry changed as well. Now Rob spends a lot of his time designing prints that can be bought as stock images. He feeds his gift by spending free time going outside either by himself or with other friends who are artists and painting the scenery. He will then take it back into his studio and stylize it. His art is embedded with symbolism and love. This is shown in his works showcasing the atonement and his love for beautiful landscapes. One of the most rewarding moments of being an artist is when someone purchases your work. Rob finds much satisfaction creating something tangible from the combination of experience and knowledge he has gained throughout the years. Although a piece many take him days, weeks, or more to finish, he states that each piece is a culmination of a lifetime of learning.
For those interested in checking out Rob’s art or to purchase prints please check out his website at