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Community Spotlight - The Lancasters

Article Date: 
18 November, 2011 (All day)


George and Carol Lancaster were both born in 1947, no more than one city away from each other; George was born in Murray, Carol in Salt Lake.  George was raised in Crescent, attended and graduated from Jordan High School while Carol attended three different high schools, Olympus, Hillcrest, and graduated from Cyprus; her family moved around to different areas of Salt Lake.  It was in the ninth grade when they finally met each other.  George sat behind her in Social Studies class. Carol and George had become such good friends that as Carol was moving around, George was always making sure he found her so they could keep in touch.  Over the course of four or five years these two occasionally dated, corresponded by letters back and forth and developed a very close relationship.  This close relationship, in fact, later resulted in marriage in the year 1966. 

After the young couple was married, George at twenty and Carol at nineteen, they moved into a hundred year old house that was George’s great grandfather’s.  They later moved to a second home, both in the town Crescent, where George grew up, and lived there for twenty nine years raising their family.  The Lancasters had three children: Stacie, Andy, and Micaela.  Carol had a mild form of muscular dystrophy and it wasn’t until after Micaela was born that she got braces on her legs.  But mind you, she sure doesn’t let it slow her down.  She lives everyday to its fullest doing what she loves to do, which also includes gardening with her husband.  While working full time and raising a family, George also worked on the farm caring for horses, growing hay and even cut crops for other people.  

George and Carol are very family oriented.  They taught their kids that they could do whatever they wanted as long as they made time for their family.  The family would go for regular family outings that centered around values the parents wanted them to learn: integrity, honesty, kindness, hard work, etc.  It was especially important to them that their kids learned the importance of hard work and taking pride in one’s work.  Carol will never forget what her father would say as she was growing up, “No matter what you do, do it well and take pride in how you do it.”  This was something she found especially important in raising their three kids. 

All three children grew up in Crescent and attended high school.  In 1995, just as Micaela had finished high school and was getting ready for college, George and Carol decided to move to Morgan.  “Most couples come for their kids.  We came for us since our kids were already grown up,” says Carol.  They fell in love with the area; the beautiful rural town that reminded them of when they were growing up, and the friendly people.  “People say, ‘what brought you to Morgan?’ and we say, ‘nothing we came because we like you!’”  Their kids even enjoyed it so much that their two daughters moved back to raise their families as well, and their son lives close by, making sure to come up for visits.

George and Carol Lancaster love their church service.  They served for twenty years in the Inner City Mission in Ogden and were ordinance workers at the Ogden temple before it was torn down.  They hope to some day go back. 

After working thirteen years at Jordan School District and ten years in Morgan School district as a teacher’s aid for the special education department, Carol is now retired.   Her hushand worked  for Albertson’s for thirty-five years, beginning as a bagger and ending as a supervisor of transportation, he retired but quickly went back to work for Sinclair Oil.  He retired once again but realized retirement wasn’t for him.  He now works part time for Sara Lee and enjoys it quite well.  George and Carol enjoy reading, gardening, spending time with family and traveling in their spare time.

The Lancasters have been married forty-five years; they recently celebrated their wedding anniversary.  They now have ten amazing grandchildren.  You might say that George and Carol were high school sweet hearts, but it would seem they were sweet hearts long before that.  How nice it is to be married to your best friend.