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Community Spotlight - The Glover Family

Article Date: 
5 April, 2013 (All day)

Whether by starting a talk with song in front of a large crowd or by towering over others with a 6’7” stature, David Glover is sure to stand out. His comedic talent and genuine personality have influenced many who call him a great friend. He loves to laugh and joke, and is often described as quite the “character.” His wife, Heidi, kids she was born talentless with only the ability to talk and smile. Smile and talk she does and in so doing claims just as many hearts.
Standing quite tall herself, Heidi often found that she was taller than a lot of men. Once, during her college years, she and a friend prepared to go to a dance welcoming the students back to school at Utah State University. She told her friend she intended to find the tallest guy in the room and dance with him. Not having to look too far, she saw David standing tall across the room. Unbeknownst to her at the time, David is completely deaf in one ear and when she asked him to dance he wasn’t positive what she had asked. Hoping she had asked him to dance he followed her out on the dance floor.  Fortunately his instincts were correct.
David grew up in Layton and was the seventh of nine children. Heidi is from West Valley and is the younger of two children. David played football for the College of Eastern Utah and went on to serve a mission in Mexico City, Mexico. Heidi pursued her degree in nursing and is a registered nurse.
While they were dating David joined the Army Reserves and worked as an Operating Room Tech. Shortly thereafter he was called up for active duty and deployed to Germany as part of Operation Desert Storm. This experience in the medical field influenced him greatly, and he decided to pursue this career professionally. David sought out a career in medicine that wouldn’t take too much time from his family.  Through job shadowing with a friend who was a podiatrist, David felt this route would provide the balance he sought for himself and his family. He now practices podiatry at Mountain View Foot & Ankle Institute located in South Ogden.
In 1988, David and Heidi were married in the Salt Lake Temple. Together they are raising four children who came to them as they moved around the country. Their oldest son, David Jr., was born while they lived in San Francisco. He is currently 19 and is serving a mission in Vancouver, Canada. Their daughter, Kathy, is 16 and was born while the family lived in Texas. Next, the Glovers spent eight years in Ohio, where both James (11) and Matthew (9) were born.  Ultimately David and Heidi decided it was time to move back to Utah to be closer to family.
Early in their marriage, David and Heidi would drive through Morgan and imagine living here. As newlyweds they lived in a basement apartment in Uintah and enjoyed the short drive through the canyon to this beautiful valley. They reminisced on those drives with fondness, making Morgan an obvious choice upon their return to Utah. They moved to Morgan late in 2005. Just eight short months later David was called as bishop of his LDS ward. His favorite saying over the pulpit during his past seven years as bishop has been, “repent, improve, and do a little better!” He has a sincere, unconditional love for everyone.
Throughout her days Heidi keeps herself busy scrapbooking, reading or volunteering in the elementary and middle schools. She enjoys her time in the schools with her children and has even taken a part-time job at the elementary school helping out in the cafeteria. 
Although he has limited spare time—especially with his new calling of first counselor in the stake presidency—David enjoys fishing, canoeing, the outdoors and sports. He particularly enjoys watching the Utah Jazz and the University of Utah, which he likes to tease and have a little fun with. One Sunday after a speaker bragged about BYU’s win over Utah over the pulpit, David promptly turned off the microphone. Always one for laughs, his ward jokes that you could fill a book with all the silly things he has said or done.
As a family, the Glovers enjoy camping and watching sporting events. One of their favorite things has been to support their children as they have gotten older by cheering them on during their competitions. Heidi has said, “We absolutely love living here. We love the people here, we love the schools, we love it all.” The Morgan community loves the Glovers right back!