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Community Spotlight - The Glick Family

Article Date: 
9 September, 2011 (All day)

The Dan and Mandy Glick family moved to Morgan early this year in February and their hearts are set on staying.  Dan Glick, who is originally from Morgan, retires from the military in two years and says that it’ll be nice to have some stability.  So, naturally, this is the place to be.
Dan joined the military at twenty-one with his sights set on flying.  He has now  been serving for about eighteen years.  After being in Europe for six years, he Fort Campbell, Kentucky and met his lovely wife Mandy.  They soon got married and began their life together as a military family, moving every twenty-four to thirty months.  The couple now has three children: Paiden, Gabe, and Caleb who is seven months old.
The family reflects on the good times and the hard times.  Even though it’s hard for the children to not see their dad, they remember the good times and knowing that he’ll be home ahain.  Now days, the military seems to be much more focused on families and the support of all.  They have a program known as The Family Support Group which is made up of all the wives of these soldiers.  “The wives know when we’re coming home before we do.  That’s how good the program is,” says Dan.  The wives stay busy, doing what they can to support one another, as well as having fun activities for the kids who miss their moms and dads.  Kids receive a Daddy Doll or Mommy Doll, which holds a picture of their mom or dad, to keep with them while they are away.  
While it’s hard for the Glick family to have their dad gone, they stay strong.  “We just stay busy.  They have school and I have a house to run,” comments Mandy, “The home coming is always so wonderful.”  The children certainly take after their dad in being strong soldiers, “I just think of the best and I know that he’ll be okay,” says Paiden, the eldest of the children at thirteen.  Gabe, age eleven, says, “I just keep thinking about him and hope he’ll be okay.”  
Seeing as how September 11 is coming up just around the corner, the family was asked about how their lives were affected when that event, ten years ago, happened.  Dan Glick was deployed in Kosovo while the rest of the family was living in Germany.  Paiden was only three and Gabe was just one.  All the Americans in Germany were in lock down and no one could go anywhere.  Not even a single phone call was made coming in or going out due to the tight security.  During this time, the family had been living out of a suit case for ninety days.
Since 9-11, some of the progress that can be seen in Iraq is the development of schools and infrastructure.
The best thing about being a military family, for Paiden and Gabe, is being able to travel, see new things, meet new people and make new friends.  For Dan and Mandy, it would be knowing that they always have good friends to count on and being able to be there for each other.
Although being a military family isn’t the easiest thing, the Glick family would not trade their experience with it for anything.  It has made them stronger, built them up as a family unit.  “No matter where we go we’re always accepted by the military.  No matter where we go, we always have programs that we can fall back on.  Where ever we go, we are always taken care of.  It’s a big family is what it is.  It’s a huge family,” says Dan.  “The best friends you’ll ever have are the ones you suffer with.  You share something miserable and you both work through it.  Those are the friends you keep the best.”