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Community Spotlight - The Farmer Family

Article Date: 
2 March, 2012 (All day)

Mark and Heidi packed their bags and moved to Morgan in October 2007 after searching for a house for their growing family.  They had searched for the right house to fit their family on a budget after Heidi quit her job to raise her children.  Mark’s boss told him they needed to visit Morgan during a bad inversion.   They took his advice and as they came through the canyon to the clear skies of Morgan they felt like they could breathe again.  They soon fell in love with our little town.

“When we first visited Morgan, I felt like I could slow down and live the life I wanted to live rather than run around with the stressfulness and busyness that I had felt living in the city,” Heidi gives insight to their move.  Now they are here they love the people of Morgan, Heidi articulates “the people in this valley are so genuine and honestly care about one another.”

The couple happily tends to their three young children.  Ainsley is seven years old and in second grade. “She loves to read,” her mother chuckles,” She will stay up till all hours of the night if we let her.”  Her mother emphatically added she is a good girl.  Elise will be celebrating her sixth birthday in a couple of weeks and is in Kindergarten.  She loves life. “Seriously, Heidi persists, “she enjoys everything.  She is always in the moment.”   Kellen, the youngest in the family, is two years old.  Although he is young he has already shown his parents he is ‘a boy through and through’.  This spirited tike loves anything to do with cars.

Each year the couple celebrates their anniversary on November 11.  This past year was particularly special to them as they celebrated their 11th anniversary on 11/11/11!  

Mark and Heidi enjoy spending time together however both of them agree time is always hard to come by.  It isn’t surprising that time is short because when they are asked to talk about their spouse they each talk about how kindhearted the other is.  “My favorite thing about Mark is his service-oriented attitude. For as long as I have known him, he has always put others’ concerns and needs ahead of his own,” Heidi adores.   Mark shares, “Heidi is a very selfless person. She thoroughly enjoys spending her time helping others find and develop their own talents.”  With volunteer work and Church callings they quickly find their time swallowed up, yet their giving attitude keeps them going .

Mark works for FJ Management, formerly Flying J before a merger, and has been there “forever”.  He works as a controller in accounting. Mark and the company have been through thick and thin and the family feels the corporation has taken good care of them.  With limited time to spend on hobbies, Mark enjoys the moments he can enjoy sports.  Mark attends all of the home University of Utah football games and also enjoys golfing and playing basketball.  

Heidi has a great love of music which she developed as a child. When she was young there was something musical and interesting every year for the children.   One evening at Back to School Night one of her daughter’s teachers informed her that she would be teaching the students music even though she wasn’t very musical.  Heidi wanted the students to be given the opportunity to learn music as well as to help the teachers that are continually pushed harder and harder to take on more.  Heidi began volunteering for the second grade.  Many parents volunteer regularly, but Heidi takes it to the next level. 

To further her own children’s participation in music, as well as children around her, Heidi established Morgan Valley Voices.   The non-profit music organization teaches children using the Kodaly technique, the youngest students, pre-k to 2nd grade, meet at the Farmer’s home.  The older students meet at the middle school.  “The children are having so much fun they don’t realize they are actually learning” Farmer declares.  She selects her songs carefully, with the intention of teaching foundational musical skills as opposed to ‘learning to sing a song’.   “All the songs have meaning and teach musical concepts.” 

To find out more about the choir contact Heidi or visit