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Community Spotlight ~ The Fair board

Article Date: 
10 August, 2012 (All day)

Big Thanks to the Morgan County Fair Board
In September when most are getting adjusted to back to school schedules and gearing up for fall, the Morgan County Fair board will already be starting to plan next year’s fair. It is such a big undertaking that many do not even stop to think of the countless hours and service that the members of the fair board put in. Whether it be selling booths, weed whacking the grounds, figuring out garbage and disposal, making banners and signs, planning events or the many, many other things needed to get ready for the upcoming fair. For those walking around enjoying the fair, there is a tendency to take for granted all of the hard work that has been put in to create such a fun and inviting atmosphere.
Often behind the scenes, the fair board does not get the recognition they deserve. Members of this year’s fair board are as follows: Kris Krammer, Kris-E Snyder, Megan Wilkinson, Mynon Deru, Dave Henry, Kim Turner, Amanda Christensen, Sandey Johansen, Cindee Mikesell and Rodney Haslam. A little known fact is the fair board does not receive compensation. The hundreds of hours they put in each year to provide one of the greatest fairs in Utah are completely voluntary. Not only do they volunteer their time, their families put in untold hours as well, running around doing whatever is needed. Kris Krammer’s husband even jokes that instead of a volunteer shirt he needs one that says “volun-told”. Some even have family that comes in from out of town. Kim Turner’s aunt comes all the way from California, and Kris’s sister flies in from Minnesota to help out in the fair office. Often their dads help at the gates and their moms help in the office or at the different activities. Their kids are also great helpers as they run around helping wherever it is needed.
It’s not always an easy task as it takes some creativity, not only with the ideas but also with the budget. Each year the county gives them $10,000 to use towards the fair. With such a wide variety of activities, the expenses from last year totaled $82,000. While some of that comes from money spent at the gates and various activities, a sizeable portion of that comes from monetary donations. 
 Once the fair arrives, Kris Krammer sees the payoff and knows that it is all worth it. She states that she loves seeing the looks of the little kids’ faces and seeing how excited they get as they run around from activity to activity. She loves to watch the people enjoying their time at the fair. Kim Turner agrees and says that she loves to watch the energy of the fair. One of her goals is to make sure the fair has something for all ages. The fair board does a great job with this throughout the different contests, crafts, exhibits and variety of shows. 
Megan Wilkinson has been helping for about the last eight or nine years. Her father-in-law owns Morgan Valley Polaris and asked for her help with the ATV rodeo.  Now, years later, she is even more involved helping with ATV rodeo, rodeo events and the demolition derby. Kris-E Snyder loves the fair as well. After talking with Megan and asking if she needed any help, she was brought onto the fair board and became an invaluable asset to the board.
Years ago, Kim Turner had some ideas for the fair. She loved the fair and wanted to create more activities for the children to get involved in. She is now on her 11th year of service. Those who participate in the many games, activities and crafts are grateful for her contributions and influence she has had on the fair.  Kim says she finds her great ideas from asking around. She is always looking for new ideas and would love the input of others to ensure the fair continues to grow and improve. This year the crafts included everything from building horses or ducks, to survival bands and dress ups to be fair marshall or princess for the day. Kids and adults alike were challenged to finish off pies, complete puzzles and create projects with paperclips.
There is plenty of work to be done every year, and the fair board is always looking for volunteers and ideas. Starting in September they will be meeting once a month. Once it starts getting closer to fair time, the frequency of the meetings increase. If you are willing to donate time, funds, or ideas please contact any member of the fair board. As you see these members throughout the county, please remember to give them a big thank you for the great event they put on for our community.