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Community enjoys use of Trojan Center

Article Date: 
1 March, 2013 (All day)

Eight months after opening the Trojan Century Center, Morgan school officials are saying the facility is seeing a lot of use.
“It is doing what it was intended to do,” Superintendent Ken Adams said.  
“It is being used extensively,” said Renn Hoopes, Morgan High School vice principal and athletic director.  “It has been a learning process through all of it.”
Beginning at 5:30 a.m., the facility is open to community members who want to walk the track.  Hoopes said there has been as many as 20 walkers at a time before school hours.
During school hours, Morgan High School uses the facility for physical education classes.
“The PE teachers love it,” Hoopes said.  “We have had no fights scheduling the gym.”  
After school hours, as many as seven different groups use the facility each day, Hoopes said, including boys and girls freshman basketball games; competition soccer, baseball and softball teams; semi-pro football teams; and birthday parties (without food).
“After school it is fun to see a group of track, soccer, baseball,” Hoopes said.  “It is a unique environment to see all those going at the same time.”
Board Chairman Bruce Galbraith said involvement in indoor sports has doubled since the Trojan Century Center opened.  Now, Morgan groups don’t have to worry about the weather or finding facilities to rent in the Ogden area, he said.
So far, the district has collected $1,850 from groups renting the facility.  The money is being placed in the recreation fund to cover maintenance of the building as well as pay for custodians and supervisors.  In addition, the district is passing supervisor fees on to groups renting the facility.
Hoopes said he gets between five and 10 calls a day from groups interested in renting the facilities, mostly from outside the county.  He said soccer groups are especially interested in using the facility.
According to the district’s policy, use of the facility is prioritized to allow school use first, county recreation programs next, and then other groups.
As expected, there have been some bumps along the way.  For example, children have been climbing the nets that separate different areas from each other
Some board members worried that semi-pro football groups’ use of the artificial turf could shorten its five- to 10-year lifespan.
“Semi-pro football would pound the turf,” School Board member Joey Skinner said.
Galbraith said the school board would review its policies for use of the Trojan Century Center at the end of this school year.  The review could include increasing usage fees of the facility, as Hoopes said he doesn’t feel the district is charging enough compared to other facilities.