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Community Comes Together To Help During Flooding

Article Date: 
22 April, 2011 (All day)


People all the time say that living in Morgan County is great because of the people that live here.  

Once again the great people of Morgan Valley volunteered this week helped sandbag, move items from basements to higher ground, and worked with back hoes and other big equipment to save homes and businesses from flooding. 

There was flooding, but with the help of the volunteers there were hundreds of thousands of dollars saved.

Health department workers have cautioned those helping to make sure that they wash their hands before eating after helping because of the agriculture areas we are in.  

The flooding will still happen this spring, with the rain forecasted, and with lots of snow in the mountains remaining.  Please keep your eyes open to potential flooding possibilities and thanks to everyone that has spent time helping your neighbors and others in this beautiful valley.