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Commercial structure maintenance amendment passed by city council

Article Date: 
5 April, 2013 (All day)

Those owning buildings in the commercial zoning districts of Morgan City will have to make sure their properties are in tip-top shape according to a new building maintenance ordinance amendment unanimously passed by the Morgan City Council.
“The ordinance deals with the condition of commercial buildings,” City Councilman Tony London said.  “We want them maintained in an aesthetically proper manner and for safety reasons as well.  We want them to look nice.”
According to the ordinance, cracked or broken windows must be replaced as soon as practical, windows should be cleaned and maintained “to support the aesthetics of the commercial district,” peeling paint must be repaired, cracked and fading surfaces must be repaired, displaced and worn building materials must be repaired or replaced, and unsecure or loose bricks or boards must be repaired.
The ordinance, as approved also by the city planning and zoning commission, allows the city to give the owner 30 days notice to make the needed repairs.
“It might be difficult to enforce some of these things,” Egbert said.  “But if we have them in an ordinance. . .”
The amendment is meant to ensure the integrity, safety and value of commercially used structures within the city.
“We really want to try to get them to clean up the front of their buildings, even if it is vacant, so it doesn’t impact other buildings,” Egbert said. 
The amendment does not apply to single-family dwellings used for residential purposes.