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Class of 1960 Has 50 Year Reunion

Article Date: 
20 August, 2010 - 06:00

Photo -  Back Row: Tom Rogers, Allen Rust, Ward Winchester, Al Morgan, Phil Castel, Mark Wilkinson, Tony Hassel, Robert Poll, Frank Bohman, Fred Bohman, Gene Ercanbrack, Vaughn Carter, Bud Olson, Keith Carrigan, George Hopkins, Bruce Widdison, Wayne Carter, Eddie Morgan Dean Duncan, (Missing Bruce Giles)
Middle Row:  Carolyn  (Porter) Morgan, Linda (Jensen) Roberts, Ann (Carrigan) Miller, Stephanie (Hopkins) Nance, Marsha Ann (Turner) Martin, Connie (Clark), Shannon (Reed) Croft, Mary Beth (Bates) Edwards, Arlene (Head) Taylor, Judy (Olsen) Barker, Sue (Allen) Brooks
Front Row:  Sheila (Redden) Wilkinson, Maria (Chard) Neville, Joan (Simmons) Mortensen, Karel Mae (Butters) Dickson, Nell (Thurston) Nickerson, Cleo Mortensen) Stuart, Happy (Hulet) Fry

Contributed by
Happy (Hap) Hulet Fry

On August 6 and 7 of 2010. Our High School years started when we were in the 7th Grade 1955 through the 12th Grade 1960. So the committee started looking for all class mates from the time we started our High School Years.
The first day was started with all class members who were coming from far and near, meeting at Mark & Sheila Wilkinson’s camping grounds in Mountain Green. A lot of our class mates who came a long distant and needed a place to stay that would not cost them to stay for the reunion - were set up with larger traveling trailer, campers, motor homes that were set up by local class members.
That evening - Bruce Widdison and his wife (Ramona) prepared a wonderful Dutch Oven Dinner that was fit for a King & Queen. That evening was enjoyed by having Milan and Susan Mecham playing the guitar and singing songs during our dinner while we were all  getting acquainted with each other. For all/most it had been over 50 years since we have seen each other and for those who had moved when they were very young at the end of their 7th grade year (1955 - 1956) it had been 55 years since we last saw one another. Later on in the evening Milan and Susan Mecham had ask one of our class members (Shannon (Reed) Croft) if her son Randy would like to play his guitar and sing along with them for some good old county western music songs. Shannon son plays in his own band and usually play with his group on weekends.
The next day - August 7, 2010 a Saturday morning, Breakfast was prepared by Sheila and Mark Wilkinson at their camping site for all who wanted a good breakfast to start the day. It was a wonderful day for all who came for the big 50 Year Class Reunion. During that day a lot just stayed and talked about life and family and the good old times.
Later that evening, we met at Larry’s Spring Chicken Inn. We started out by singing the “Morgan High School Song” as loud as it could be sung. Of course we were given a sheet of paper with the words typed a little bit larger then normal so all could see the words better. We all enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Larry’s Spring Chicken Inn. There was Chicken Dinners, Rib-eye Steak, Tilapia (fish delish) and desserts served. What a yummy meal.
After the dinner - everyone was able to stand and talk about their life and all the things they have accomplished since we graduated. We have a lot of remarkable people in our class. A lot have gone on missions and went to collages and universities and traveled the world and got really large motor homes and lots of children and grandchildren and great grandchildren.
We want to thank Robin Arnold - Singer - Entertainer, for such a great evening of Entertainment. We all enjoyed having him to add his personality and songs and jokes and stories that kept us laughing all night. (801)510-3176 or
It was remembered that the Morgan Troyettes were created the year of 1958 when we were in our Freshman Year. The name of our Drill Team was named the Morgan Troyettes. There were 10 freshman members that helped form the Troyettes that year with the help of Shirley Sommers our Physical Education Teacher. Front row left to right:  Marsha Ann Turner, Happy Hulet, Sheila Redden, Beverly Mortenson Carolyn Bates, Back row left to right:  Ann Carrigan, LuJean Smith, Maria Chard, Karen Waldron, Stephanie Hopkins. This picture included (14) members from the Sophomore class.
We want to thank Linda Smith - Our Morgan County Historical Society Historian, for coming to our reunion both day and talking to use about our beautiful town of Morgan and the history that it holds in our hearts and our minds as we were growing up. The history of Devils Slide land marks our Morgan Opera House (were the Spring Chicken Inn is) and etc. More history can be found on
Group pictures were taken. Also pictures of just the Girls/Ladies that were here for the Reunion and just the Boys/Gentlemen had their pictures taken. There were a couple of people that came for the class reunion, but were not in the pictures when they taken the night of the Reunion. They were Emerson Thompson and his wife Debbie, and Betty (Hoover) Larsen and her daughter Heidi and Bruce Giles and his wife Evelyn. We will try to add their pictures by the class group pictures for the Morgan News Paper.
There are some of our class members that live back east in Florida on the east coast and some that live on the west coast and a lot just here in Utah and Morgan and neighboring states. The one that stands out is Frank Bohman who went to collage to be a account/CPA and ended up working for a company that did the taxes for large company’s and higher up people. Frank was asked directly by George Strait (The Country Western Singer) to come and work for him and be his personal accountant for a price that Frank could not refuse. He worked for George Strait for 26 years and then retired. Way to go Frank!
The night ended around 10:00 or 11:00 PM. We just couldn’t stop talking, laughing, or giving hugs.
We wanted to mention we had a 50 Year Class Reunion Book made up for all the class member who wanted to buy them for $24.00. Our committee members worked hard to add lots of history to the book. We especially want to thank Maria (Chard) Neville for the time and effort that went in to arranging, copying, printing, typing,  just plain old organizing the 50 year class reunion book for all of us to have and enjoy for the rest of our lives and pass on to our children.
We also wanted to add our class members who have passed on, to be included in the 50 Year Class Reunion Book. With their Obituaries and their head stone. There were three obituaries that could not be located. They were Earl Harding and Karen (Lacey) Banker and Della (Wright). We are hoping we will have there info completed for the book on our next class reunion in about 3 to 5 years.
Thank you so very much our Planning Committee, Sheila Wilkinson, Nell (Thurston) Nickerson, Happy (Hulet) Fry, Stephanie (Hopkins) Nance, Ann (Carrigan) Miller, Vaughn Carter, Keith Carrigan, Maria (Chard) Neville, Bob Poll, Bruce Widdison, and Marsha Ann (Turner) Martin, Sue (Allen) Brooks, for a job well done.