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City steps into management of Fourth of July celebration

Article Date: 
5 April, 2013 (All day)

The city council approved Councilmember Betz's proposal that the city take responsibility for organizing the Fourth of July celebration in the county.  Betz informed the county that without some action by the city the Fourth of July celebration was in jeopardy.  
The council approved some additional funding for the celebration as well as hiring an event coordinator to help advise the city and organize volunteer efforts.  
Betz will be identifying the organization or individual to fill this position and will also be working with volunteers to organize the event.  The run and the breakfast provided by the volleyball team will definitely take place this year.  Fireworks are also planned.  The parade, vendors and events in the park, as well as other activities are being reviewed to determine whether it is feasible to have them this year and when they should be held.  
The city hopes to be able to share the event management work with the county in future years.