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City reacts to interlocal agreement negotiations

Article Date: 
1 March, 2013 (All day)

Member of the Morgan City Council are not totally satisfied with recent recreation board interlocal agreement negotiations.
At a Feb. 25 Council of Governments meeting, representatives from the Morgan County Council, Morgan County School district and Morgan City saw a new version of the interlocal recreation agreement.  It read that the recreation board would secure a $1 million supplemental liability insurance policy, the cost of which would be split equally by the city and county.
While the city is pleased with the board’s recognition of the need for its own insurance policy, council members would like to see some changes. 
City Attorney Gary Crane suggested changing the policy from a supplemental $1 million policy to a primary $2 million policy.  He also suggested the rec board cover the expense as it would any other expense.
“It should be divided like all other expenses of the board,” Crane said.  
Crane also said that as a board backed by three entities, the rec board could carry its own policy even in the absence of a tax identification number to tie the policy to.
“It can operate as a separate entity,” Crane said.  “It becomes an entity in itself and can get its own insurance.  If they needed a tax ID number for an insurance policy, they could get one.”
City Councilman Mike Kendell suggested the city have its attorney present during the next round of negotiations.  Crane plans to draft a new version of the interlocal recreation agreement to present at the March 18 COG meeting.
In the meantime, the city and county agreed that current interlocal agreements covering fire, ambulance and police would remain in place while negotiations continue.  Services were set to expire Feb. 28, 120 days after the city sent the county a letter expressing their interest in discontinuing the agreements.
“Services will continue while we are in negotiations,” City Councilwoman Shelly Betz said.