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City Prepares for summer fun with the splash pad

Article Date: 
20 April, 2012 (All day)

Morgan city has received final approval for the construction of the splash pad.  They expect now to begin construction in May and have the facility ready for use this summer.  Sponsorship opportunities continue, however.  

This week Ridley’s and 1st Bank continued their long tradition of support to the community by sponsoring one feature each.  Ridley’s sponsored the “Buckets o’ Fun” with a donation of $4,700 and 1st Bank sponsored the “Water Dancer” feature with a donation of $1,850.  Please take a moment to thank these businesses for their support of the community and give them your business as a sign of your support.  

The city is still looking for donors for features.  There are nine features that need sponsors.  The cost for the features ranges from $175 to $3,700.  More information on the features available can be found at the city offices.  

The summer will be cooler with the splash pad in Riverside Park.  Parents will have an opportunity to provide great, safe entertainment for their children, and local businesses will see more traffic as residents stay in the county rather than travelling to other locations.