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City Council swears in elected council members

Article Date: 
13 January, 2012 (All day)

The first item of business for the Morgan City Council was the swearing in of the recently elected council members. This took place at the City Building on January 10, 2012.


Julie Bloxham, Morgan City Recorder administered the oath of office to the three council members who were elected in November 2011. They are Tony London, Jeff Wardell and Lynn Mickelsen. They were all elected to 4-year terms. 

This council meeting brought forth some changes in the council’s assignment. Mayor Egbert handed out the council assignments, the assignments were reviewed and discussed amongst the council members. Some of the assignments will be shared, and the council members can decide who will attend meetings as needed, as mentioned in City Recorder’s notes.

The Council Assignments are listed below.

Morgan Empowered will change hands in May, then it will be passed on from Betz to Mickelsen. 

Also Tony London has been appointed as the Morgan City representative on the Wasatch Integrated Waste Management District Board.

Gary Crane, City Attorney,  was in attendance and commented on some planning issues, that was brought up in a planning meeting held the previous day.There was areas that can be improved, these areas are in regards to the process of various planning issues.

• Checklists will be compiled to help facilitate these items.

• Need for follow-ups on various requirements

• Certain items that the planner, building inspector,and fire chief need to do.

• Still other items that need follow-up

• A committee that will draft a checklist and deter

• Suggested that when the business licenses are mailed every year, if there is a Conditional Use Permit(CUP) for the business, the CUP permit and requirements need to be attached.

• Complaints received should be done in written form. Most complaints are solved fairly easily. If not, they can follow up with written notice and can go up to prosecution in court.

Several questions were brought up on how to handle certain complaints, concerns and ideas were mentioned by council members. Council member Little commented “There have been good ideas presented, but  there are still a lot of items that are open for development.The council still needs to be involved and help the process be improved.” He continued,”they should help decide, who does the follow up on what items.” 

Betz questioned whether or not the follow-up could be done by the current planner or does the city still want to have someone on staff that would be there 1/2 day a week. 

London stated there have been persons hired in the past to do this and it did not work too well. Attorney Crane explained that Steve Garside, who is the current planner is willing to follow-up and arrange meetings as needed. Some adjustments were made in the planning commission as Mayor Egbert recommended Mike Kendell to be appointed as an alternate member to the planning commission. Kendell will replace Dorothy Leishman who has resigned. Duane Stock and Julie Anderson are current members who have terms that are expiring. The mayor and the council recommended these two be re-appointed back to the planning commission. There are seven members to the planning commission.

The council reviewed department issues, London and Little discussed about ditch company meetings that London will attend. London also mentioned there are several items in the Water Dept. that is currently being worked on, and that he would contact Little with an update.

In the Sanitation Dept. London said he would continue working with the sanitation hauler to handle green waste in a different manner than it is currently processed. The issue being burning the green waste, he said “it would be much better to process this waste and use it as mulch and wood chips.

Commenting on the Electric Dept. Mayor Egbert stated the transformer in the North Morgan substation is still being worked on and new one has been ordered that will be installed.  

City Council members and visitors listened to Lydia Nuttall in regards to The United States Constitution 225th birthday celebration, she talked about the family night event that she has been working on. Information sheets are available at many public and business establishments throughout the community. She said the support has been overwhelming. 

She plans on making some power-point presentations of the lessons that are being planned. This month’s information sheet has a historical story related to the making of “The Star Spangled Banner”. She expressed her gratitude for the council members support. She ask to take a group picture of the members each holding one of her information sheets.

This portion of the evenings meeting adjourned at 7:25 p.m.