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Church group plans service week in Morgan City

Article Date: 
1 March, 2013 (All day)

A group of 500 volunteers from the Washington Heights Church will flood Morgan for a week this summer in an effort to spruce up some local homes.  From June 24 to 28, the volunteers hope to paint, repair and spruce up the yards of many homes in Morgan City.  With the help of the Morgan City Council, they have already identified 12 homes and hope to add as many as 10 more.
“It is a privilege to come to your community, to get to know your community,” Said Jimmy Pitts, a pastor who has been a part of the Washington Heights Church for 17 years.  “We want to serve your community.  It is just an extension of our community.  It is just down the road.”
The 1,800 people in church’s congregation meet at the mouth of Weber Canyon.
To show their appreciation for the service, Morgan City Mayor Jim Egbert said the community would provide lunch for all the volunteers each day.
“We have never had a community do that before,” Pitts said.
In addition, many local merchants have agreed to donate materials at cost to the effort.
Since 2009, the church has coordinated volunteers and money to serve the local community “with no strings attached,” Pitts said.  For example, they refurbished 24 Ogden homes in one week, took down trees in Bountiful, and painted 2,400 Ogden fire hydrants in one day.
For liability reasons, church members do not enter the homes they help refurbish.  They secure their own porta-potties and dumpsters as well as maintain their own liability insurance.