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Changing of the guard at WSU Extension

Article Date: 
20 April, 2012 (All day)

Barbara Anderson has been at the heart of the Weber State University Morgan Center since the office opened in the summer of 2001.  She has seen incredible growth in the classes and services offered during the time she has been director. She is retiring from her position as the Director of the WSU Morgan Center and as an employee of Weber State University this spring after 11 years.  Pam Carter will be the new director of the center.

When the office, located in a portable in Morgan High School’s back parking lot, first opened, it was open only on Tuesday and Thursdays for information only.  Soon one class was offered—an English 1010 class—taught by Joan Triplett. Joan taught there for about 5 years in the evenings, teaching both English 1010 and 2010.  

After a number of years, the course offerings slowly grew, and now they will have a full schedule to offer this fall:  Chemistry 1010, Dance 1010, English 1010, English 2010, and Microbiology 1113.  One nice aspect is that the center has been able to use local instructors: Gordon Johnson teaches the music classes, and Crystal Nelson teaches the English classes.  Some of the classes are offered by IVC (Interactive Audio/Video Instructional Method) and are taught by instructors at Weber West and the main WSU campus.  Other services are offered as well including community education classes.

Barbara said the most exciting thing is that the college will offer a complete associate degree in general education by distance learning in Morgan within months.  With gas prices soaring, it is a good opportunity to take college classes closer to home.

A testing center, open on Monday and Wednesdays from 2-6 and Friday 3-5 and Saturdays 9-11, offers convenience to all WSU and other students who need a proctor to test.  The office is also open on Tuesday and Thursdays from 2-6 for informational purposes. 

When I asked Barbara what was her favorite part of being associated with the center, she said, “the students.”  She feels that the center has helped students return to school in a less intimidating environment.  She has met a lot of non-traditional students who work full time, have families and are working on their degrees. She admires their drive!

She said the Morgan County School District has been wonderful to work with and that WSU has been very good to her. She wanted to mention that Fran Turner and Evelyn Palmer have substituted at the office from time to time.  

Barbara will retire soon, so she can visit her 40 grandchildren. She also has plans in the future to fulfill a mission for her church.   The center will be in good hands with the new director—Pam Carter—and I’m sure more growth is in the future for the center.