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Campus Connection for Sep. 16, 2011

Article Date: 
16 September, 2011 (All day)


In the world of high stakes, testing in education and minimal budgets combined with the pressure and expectations of success in public education often taint the views and perceptions of people looking in on the profession.  The administration of Morgan School District wishes to acknowledge our teachers and coaching staff for the time, effort, and energy spent in preparing our students in the classroom and our athletes for competition. Advisors and coaches work with students on a daily basis and make decisions ranging from team selection to playing time.  Administrators make every effort to support the students in all of the programs offered by the district. We support our leaders as they teach lessons about how to accomplish tasks correctly.  Administrators support teachers and advisors as they emphasize the teaching of life lessons in preparation for the challenging and competitive world. Our advisors encourage students to win correctly and to lose with dignity. Our teachers and coaching staffs do a remarkable job with the talent of our students and the opposition they face in region and state competitions.

Following district policy we hire qualified people to act as our head coaches and advisors for the individual programs.  Each year we evaluate advisors and head coaches and they in turn evaluate their assistants.  We expect leaders to be certified and trained. Teachers and coaches are expected to follow our mission statement and employ appropriate educational protocol. When opportunities for growth arise with our advisors and coaching staffs or student athletes, we deal with these issues according to sound educational practices combined with school and district protocol.  Our faculty and staff fully understand we are in the business of preparing young minds for our society. 

We encourage community members and parents to proactively support our school programs and extracurricular programs as, “We seek to assist students as they prepare for responsible citizenship, meaningful work, advanced education, and life-long learning,” as stated in our mission statement.  By working together we can enhance the atmosphere in our schools and the dynamics of our teams.  Positive attitude and good sportsmanship are contagious and help define our teams, the success of our programs, and enhance the pride in our community.

We have exceptional men and women working in our school classrooms, in advisory roles, and on our coaching staffs.  We wish to publicly thank them for their unselfish dedication to the students of Morgan School District.  We welcome input from outside sources for ways we can improve our schools.