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Campus Connection - Paraprofessionals receive assistance for education degree

Article Date: 
12 April, 2013 (All day)

There exists a very generous group of individuals who donate to a program at Weber State University. This program is known as TAPT (Teachers Assisted Path to Teaching). 
Through this program, paraprofessionals who are currently employed by a school district can continue working for the district and earn an education degree to become certificated teachers at the same time. 
Acceptance to the program consists of an application, an interview with the education department at Weber State, as well as approval from the district superintendent for which the applicant is currently employed. 
Once this is completed and acceptance is granted, a TAPT member may enroll in classes. The program covers the cost of tuition up to an allotted dollar amount every year. The student pays for all books and student fees.
Requirements once accepted include monthly meetings, yearly evaluations and a commitment to work toward becoming a certificated teacher. 
A student supported by TAPT is also required to be working and/or volunteering in the classroom while completing classes. Classes are offered at several campuses including Morgan.  Classes may also be taken online, in the evenings and, of course, the more traditional blocks offered during the day. 
There are currently three Morgan District employees enrolled and participating in the TAPT program. Some of us began with previous college credits while others did not have any. Our stories vary, but we share a common goal. It is quite the journey! 
You can find anyone of those enrolled on any given day balancing family, work, school, religious callings and many other responsibilities. This is done for many reasons, but above all it is done because of a strong belief that education is important. 
It is through the education of those in the TAPT program that many more students will be educated in the future. Some of us have been asked, “Why go into education when there are so many other jobs that would pay so much more money?” It could be said that TAPT participants and educators in general value education, children and the future. Teaching is not about the money, but about the investment, the investment in our students, in our community and in ourselves as we make this journey.
Morgan is full of great educators who are doing wonderful things in the classrooms they teach every day. We are fortunate to live and send our students to school where there is such a strong commitment to higher education and the educating of our children. Thank you TAPT!