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Campus Connection - October is National School Principals Month

Article Date: 
14 October, 2011 (All day)


October has been selected as National School Principals Month.  The primary purpose for this designation is to recognize and honor the outstanding work of public school principals.  In Morgan we have the privilege of having six outstanding leaders directing our schools.  These individuals each portray unique leadership skills that when combined add enormous strength to the quality of our schools and the academic climate within those schools.

This week I have chosen to honor these men.  The head secretary of each school has prepared a short statement regarding their principal and assistant principal.  This synopsis will give you a brief insight into each man’s background, training and dedication to the district.

May I personally express my appreciation to each one of them.  They exemplify the qualities that are essential for successful school leadership.  If you have the opportunity you may also want to share a thank you with them in your passing.

Mountain Green Elementary School is proud to have Tom McFarland as their principal.  He served for eight years as the principal of Morgan Middle School prior to being selected as the principal of the new Mountain Green Elementary School.  Before moving to Morgan, Principal McFarland was principal of Madison Middle School in Rexburg, Idaho.  He has been a teacher for the third, seventh, eighth and ninth grades.  He is currently involved with the implementation of the Common Core and serves as the district curriculum director.  Principal McFarland is also involved with the Northern Utah Curriculum Consortium and shares the district testing coordinator position with Principal Madeo of the Morgan Middle School.  

Principal McFarland is well-liked by his staff and students.  He is hard-working and extremely dedicated to his school and the district.  He is an advocate for students.  Principal McFarland is very supportive of the programs and activities at Mountain Green Elementary, the PTSO, and the community council.

Morgan Elementary School Principal Tim Wolff has lived his entire life in an educational environment. His father’s career in education provided him the opportunity to move to many different places as his father accepted different positions. He was able to observe and interact in many different educational systems.  Principal Wolff has the knowledge and the leadership skills to make a school successful. 

Principal Wolff earned a degree in education from Weber State University. A few years later, after moving to Texas to work in a highly impacted school system, he received a master’s degree in the area of Administration and Supervision from the University of Houston.

He and his wife Leslie have two children. Two years ago they decided to move back to Utah to be closer to family. 

Principal Wolff is a firm believer that, “Every child can learn.” His focus at Morgan Elementary School is to help all children to be successful in all areas of their life by helping them become critical thinkers and lifelong learners in school and beyond. His leadership beliefs are very similar. He strives to create a fun and productive rapport with all stakeholders. He believes that we are all members of a broad community working towards a shared goal, the success of all students.  He fosters collaboration among all stakeholders in the students’ lives to ensure that everyone succeeds. We are very lucky to have him as our Morgan Elementary School Principal. 

Mike Madeo joined Morgan School District three years ago as the Principal of Morgan Middle School.  He bought to Morgan Middle School many years of experience in education.  Principal Madeo graduated from Brigham Young University and began teaching at Box Elder School District, eventually moving into administration.  He also coached football and wrestling at Box Elder.  He is married to Nancy and enjoys being a father and grandfather.  

Principal Madeo instituted an anti-bullying campaign in Morgan to help stop bullying at Morgan Middle School. He also worked with the PTSO in acquiring a marquee for the school.  This year Morgan Middle School is doing a specialized advisory program to help with student interests.  Principal Madeo is teaching an advisory class because being involved with the students is very important to him.  During a regular school day, Principal Madeo can be found in the halls before school, during breaks, lunch time, and after school interacting with the students.  He is always willing to listen to students, parents, and staff.  Principal Madeo is a great asset to Morgan Middle School.  

Morgan Middle School’s Assistant Principal is Terry Allen. Mr. Allen is a graduate of Weber State University. He joined Morgan School District serving as a teacher at Morgan Middle School, moving next to Morgan High School, before returning to Morgan Middle School as the Assistant Principal. Assistant Principal Allen has coached both football and wrestling at Morgan High School helping to shape the lives of many athletes and students. He loves watching football, especially the Colts, but his favorite team is his wife Diane and he loves being a father to his three children.  Morgan Middle School is so lucky to have Mr. Allen.

Assistant Principal Allen is willing to handle any task.  He is able to help students, teachers, parents, and staff. One of his responsibilities is dealing with discipline issues at the school.  He is such an asset to the school in the way he takes on the challenge of solving discipline issues in a positive manner. He reinforces to the students that they are important and encourages them to make correct choices.  The students face their consequences, but leave feeling better about themselves.  Assistant Principal Allen has a talent with technology; he can solve any problem.  Morgan Middle School is great because of Assistant Principal Allen. 

Morgan High School Principal Wade Murdock graduated from Morgan High School and continued his education at Weber State University.  Upon graduation from Weber State University, he accepted a science teaching position in Wendover, Utah.  He returned to Morgan to teach science at Morgan Middle School and later became the guidance counselor.  He was then offered the assistant principal position at Morgan High School.  To further his career, he spent three years serving as the principal at North Summit Middle School.  We are thrilled that he returned to Morgan High School as our principal.

Principal Murdock has a deep love for Morgan High School and constantly tries to instill that love and school spirit in the students.  Principal Murdock leads by example.  He has an open-door policy where he makes himself available to students, parents, and staff.  He has proven himself to be honest and fair with everyone and shows them the utmost respect.  Principal Murdock guides students and staff and then allows them to perform their duties as they see fit.  He is the type of leader that everyone strives to be like.  He and his wife Merilee have four children.  Thank you Mr. Murdock for all you do for us and Morgan High School.  Thank you for being our principal.

Morgan High School Assistant Principal Renn Hoopes graduated from Weber State University in 1983 and moved to Cedar City to teach high school health and coach both football and wrestling until coming to Morgan.  Mr. Hoopes began his career at Morgan High School in 1997 as head football coach and P.E. teacher.  Since his arrival at Morgan, he has worn many hats: head football coach, wrestling coach, athletic director, and assistant principal.  His love for athletics is obvious. He possesses a great will to win and compete.  He is a role model and advocate for students.  Coach Hoopes led the Trojan football team to an undefeated 1997 season, nine consecutive winning seasons, four region championships, two 3-A state semi-final appearances, three quarter-final appearances, and three first round appearances.  Since becoming the athletic director, Mr. Hoopes is responsible for the eligibility of students, sports schedules, all state paperwork, officials, transportation and the list goes on.   

As the assistant principal he is learning about all aspects of the high school including music, drama, art, CTE, etc.  He also has the responsibility to oversee attendance issues concerning students.  As an administrator he is able to make the tough decisions to help make Morgan High School a safe and positive environment.  He works so well with the students.  They feel comfortable talking with him.  He has a great love for Morgan High and wants all of the students to exceed not only in school but in life.    Mr. Hoopes is married to Valeri, a science teacher at Morgan High School, and they have four children.  Thanks Mr. Hoopes for all you do.