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Campus Connection for November 25, 2011

Article Date: 
25 November, 2011 (All day)


We are fortunate in our community to have numerous local businesses and other supporters willing to help the district in a myriad of ways, including their financial assistance when needed.  This was certainly apparent as the Morgan Education Foundation conducted fund raising activities for the Trojan Century Center.  More than $500,000 was given to the Foundation for the cause and ninety-five percent of those funds came from businesses, foundations, families, and individuals with connections to the Morgan Valley!

As a district, we are deeply appreciative of all those who continue to extend their generosity to our schools, students, teams, and programs.  Without such support we would struggle to provide the quality of programs students are presently engaged in.  

We have recognized for many years the burden placed on our businesses and citizens as they are continually approached by the various groups for assistance with their programs.  This was a major factor in our efforts to begin a viable education foundation.  Our objective is to use the resources and tax advantages of this non-profit organization to help reduce the number of requests and contacts to local businesses and individuals.

I’m happy to report that the Morgan Education Foundation and its devoted and determined members are making positive strides in this direction.  The organization is taking wings and each year gains additional insight on how and where to solicit funds.  While we will never be able to completely eliminate the need for assistance from our businesses and families, the ultimate goal is to lessen the burden and limit the number of contacts made by school groups, etc.

They are determined to use all the resources at their disposal to do so.  Often, they work with businesses and entities from a broad geographic area in order to raise funds for local groups.  Their objective is to bring funds into the community, not to deplete the funds in the local community.

Throughout my adult life I have always promoted the concept of “shopping at home”.  It makes good sense to support those who support our community.  It would be impossible and sometimes impractical to expect that all of the necessities and conveniences of life can be purchased in Morgan, but many can and at competitive prices.

Recently, I received an anonymous note from a disgruntled local business owner in regards to a fund raising promotion sponsored by one of our schools.  A large grocery chain has for a number of years provided a portion of their sales to schools when the customer fills out a form requesting that their purchases at the franchise be forwarded to a particular school.  The administration sent this form home to parents.  I have spoken with the administration at the school and suggested that such activities need to be conducted by the foundation or the PTSO, not by the public school itself.

The economic and free enterprise structure of our society allows for competitiveness and choice.  As you make those choices, please consider local business and the businesses owned by your neighbors.  Without their kindness and philanthropy, our programs and students would suffer.