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Campus Connection for June 10, 2011

Article Date: 
10 June, 2011 (All day)


This time of year tends to be an emotional rollercoaster at the school district.  We have teachers who have worked in our community for decades that have now made the decision to spend more time with families, visiting grandkids or just go fishing and such, others are being welcomed into a new career and a new community as they sign up to work for the district.  

This year we have at least six teachers who have chosen to retire after long fruitful careers with Morgan School District. These teachers represent those who have taught our children, grandchildren and in some cases ourselves.  They have dedicated their lives and careers to the children of our community.  When combined these teachers represent 186 years of instruction to Morgan students. In addition we have two of our support staff that has dedicated much of their careers to the schools.  With their assistance and dedication the schools would not operate and students would not be fed.  In addition to these there are at least 10 more teachers and a half dozen support staff that has also made the decision to leave us for various reasons.  It is with sad hearts that we say farewell to these wonderful individuals that have given so much of themselves to ensure that our students are safe and well educated and we wish each and every one the greatest happiness in whatever they choose to spend their time doing. Whatever that may be they have earned it. 

As we say goodbye to friends we are also blessed with the opportunity to welcome new faces to our community and schools.  We will hire at least 10 new teachers at our schools and a number of support staff.  Many of these individuals are coming into the education workforce for the first time.  They are excited and ready to make a difference.  We should welcome them to our community and give them the support needed to help our children find success in their educational endeavors.  Every school in the district will have new faces this year.  Make an effort to get to know them and show these individuals what a great and wonderful place Morgan is.  Show them what a wonderful populace we have in Morgan and the great support that we give our teachers.

Change is often difficult to accept and can cause stress and trepidation.  I would encourage all members of the community; parents, grandparents, neighbors, and friends to make an effort to support those who have chosen to leave as well as those who have chosen to come to Morgan.  Get out to the back to school nights this fall and let the educational staff know that you are there to back them up. Morgan is the greatest community.  Let’s get together and show the new teachers and staff just how good it can be.