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Campus Connection: The Gift that changes lives- Volunteering

Article Date: 
28 December, 2012 (All day)

On a snowing morning recently I took the time to walk through Morgan Elementary School.  As I looked into various classrooms and passed along the hall I witness wonderful acts of kindness being given to our students.  A number of parents and grandparents were volunteering their time to help enhance student learning.
These unselfish acts of kindness are a real boost to the students and teachers.  It gives the teacher additional hands to work with students in a one-on-one or small group setting.  It gives the students the opportunity to have a more direct experience with an adult in a reading or math exercise.
It also allows the volunteer to use their skills and time to help those in need.  I stopped to speak with one delightful volunteer that comes every week and helps in a first grade class.  She is a retired teacher and loves being able to assist these children.  The teacher reports her volunteer efforts have had a significant impact on students.  “I just don’t know what I’d do without her,” commented the teacher.
I get similar comments from every classroom where volunteers are integrated into the school day.  These folks are appreciated and respected for their time and efforts.
“We are grateful for our volunteers,” remarked Principal Tim Wolff, “They are needed in reading, math, and AmeriCorps.”
Of course, there are some pretty high expectations for volunteers.  They are to be trustworthy and dependable.  Their work is most effective when it is regular and consistent.  Teachers make plans for instruction that include hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly schedules.  It is vitally important for volunteers to be at their stations when they are scheduled to serve.
Those who want to volunteer can work directly with the individual teachers or they can contact the building principal.  Those who work within the classroom or just outside the room where they have visual contact with the teacher can do so without a background check.  Those who will be in a separate setting or room will have to have a thorough background check before being allowed to do so. All volunteers must sign in and out of the office each time they visit and must wear the appropriate school identification badge.
“We could always use more volunteers,” indicates Principal Tom McFarland, “we especially need them in math. If you’d like to help, please give us a call.”
Principals can be reached at the following numbers:
Morgan Elementary School Principal Tim Wolff
Mountain Green 
Elementary School 
Principal Tom McFarland 801-876-3041
Morgan Middle School Principal Terry Allen
Morgan High School 
Principal Wade Murdock