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Campus Connection - Citizenship Grades at MMS

Article Date: 
27 May, 2011 (All day)



Throughout this past school year many of the staff at Morgan Middle School (MMS) expressed a desire to recognize those students who go above and beyond minimum expectations in relation to their behaviors and interactions with other students and adults. The vast majority of our students are polite and well-behaved in their classes and throughout the halls of MMS; however, some go out of their way to ensure that others are treated with dignity and respect. It is for these students that we have chosen to change our citizenship grading from a three-tier to a four-tier system. 

In the previous three-tier system students were able to earn citizenship grades of S-satisfactory, N- needs improvement, and U- unsatisfactory. These grades were based on a rubric that if followed meant the majority of our students should be receiving an N for citizenship. We have realized that citizenship expectations should be based on the average student’s everyday behaviors and interactions with other students and adults. It is for these reasons we are implementing a four-tier citizenship rubric.

Citizenship grades at MMS for the 2011-12 school year will be based on the following grades:  E- Exceeds Expectations, M- Meets Expectations (this is where all students will start at the beginning of each grading period), N- Needs Improvement, and U- Unsatisfactory. All students that earn either an E or M will meet the citizenship part of the eligibility requirements.

Teachers will be using the following rubric as a guide to determine citizenship grades. As this rubric is designed it will be possible for every student to meet the citizenship part of eligibility and also recognize those students that go out of their way to be polite both in words and actions with other students and adults.