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Campus Connection - Back-to-school, a favorite event

Article Date: 
2 September, 2011 (All day)


What an exciting time of year!  Back-to-school is truly one of our favorite events at Morgan Elementary and this fall we are eager to begin a year of many new challenges.  Each August we rededicate ourselves to finding the strategies necessary to continue the tradition of excellence that has made our school so great for so long.  This year we especially welcome our new students and their families as they join our journey.  

Morgan Elementary School’s motto is, “Mountaineers Climbing Higher!” and we hope to embody this slogan through the empowerment and achievement of our students.  

On August 23rd almost five hundred fifty students in grades first through fifth walked through our doors with and additional one hundred seventy preschool and kindergarten students following the next week.  Each student arrived with unique experiences, attitudes, and talents that we hope to encourage and grow throughout the next nine months.  Elementary education is a daunting career but one with limitless rewards.  We truly appreciate the opportunity and awesome responsibility we have been given by the communities of Morgan County.

Along with welcoming our new students this fall we are also excited to welcome our new staff members, both teachers and support staff.  With a troubled economy and shrinking opportunities for new educators we are confident that we hired some of the best teachers available this summer and look forward to the immediate impact they will have on our campus.  This new talent combined with the wisdom of our excellent faculty ensures that the 2011/2012 school year will be one of marked growth.

One of the most frequently asked questions this time of year is, “How can I become involved?”  Morgan Elementary has developed many opportunities that can accommodate almost any schedule.  As a parent or community member volunteering in the classroom is an excellent chance for our children to appreciate how much we truly value education.  We also have an amazing PTSO who are constantly looking for volunteers in making the elementary experience one of lasting memories.  This fall we have positions available on the Morgan Elementary Community Council where parents can join with educators in deciding and directing the academic goals and financial support for the upcoming year.  For information on any of the activities described above or to investigate something that’s just right for you please feel free to contact our office at 801-829-3438.

The Morgan County School District Community stands united in the pursuit of educational excellence.  It is our mission to create a challenging learning environment that emphasizes literacy and numeracy.  We seek to assist students as they prepare for responsible citizenship, meaningful work, advanced education, and life-long learning.  

As a proud member of the Morgan County School District Community, Morgan Elementary is excited to once again use our collective experience, wisdom, and professional expertise to develop an exemplary educational program for each student and every family that participates in our school.  We truly believe we have the knowledge and desire to continue as a premier elementary school.  We ask that you join us in making this year, the 2011/2012 school year, our best year ever.