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Campus Connection for 31 May 2013

Article Date: 
31 May, 2013 (All day)

“If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.” 
This past year, the students and staff at Morgan Middle School have taken great strides in introducing Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and their associated intervention and extension opportunities. 
As a school, we are now ready for the next step to help our students on their educational journey. We are excited to be implementing some changes to provide students with additional opportunities to learn and expand their knowledge, not only in academics but socially as well.
As I wrote in my last article, our sixth grade will be implementing a new way of delivering the curriculum next year. There are some that feel the sixth grade may be too early for some of these changes such as moving from class to class and moving as individuals instead of as a class.  Let me share with you how resilient our young students are as they come to a new location and begin to integrate with peers from both elementary schools. 
Traditionally, we have asked our incoming sixth graders to endure the change of going to a new school and a new schedule and then again in the seventh grade asking them to make another change in that they are moving from class to class as individuals. 
For some of our students, this is difficult as they have just mastered the move to a new school. It is our intent to make transitions from grade to grade as seamless as possible. Our incoming sixth graders are “moldable” as they are already expecting change by coming to a new school. With the help of our amazing teachers, students will make the transition to a middle school instead of an elementary school housed in a secondary school.
As a school, we will be moving from a three-lunch schedule to a two-lunch schedule so that our sixth graders will no longer have to have one of their academic classes split with lunch in the middle. 
Four times a week, students will have “Den Time” where they will be part of interventions/study hall/ extensions. Students will attend advisory on Friday. 
These changes are being made to better provide instruction for our students. We believe that our new schedule will provide opportunities for students who are struggling with academic concepts because they will receive the additional help they need to be successful and also provide opportunities for students that will expand their knowledge in the extensions that will be offered. 
The staff at Morgan Middle School is continually looking for ways to enhance the educational experience of our students.