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Campus Connection for 18 October 2013

Article Date: 
18 October, 2013 (All day)

As I write this article I find myself thinking about how fast these first days of school have come and gone. On Oct. 28 we will begin the second quarter of the academic year and it seems like only yesterday I was welcoming staff and students back to school. I have always been proud of the students and staff here at Morgan Middle School. However this year has been even more special as the students and staff has done a tremendous job of adapting to the changes we have experienced.
At the end of last year we said goodbye to some wonderful employees as they began new adventures in life. We were fortunate to be able to find some outstanding individuals to join our middle school team and fill those positions. We welcomed Terri Christensen and Karla Haberstich to the media center; Nikki Breyer teaches math and science; Bobbi Eddy teaches sixth grade; Cherilyn Reid teaches art; and Michelle Morrell teaches English. These additions to our middle school team will only make the educational experience for our students better.
This year we took another step towards becoming more of a traditional middle school in that all of our students are rotating classes each hour and we have implemented DEN Time. DEN Time takes place on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. DEN Time has three components that benefit all of our students. 
The first component of DEN Time is Interventions. Students who are identified by teachers through common assessments as struggling with specific concepts are assigned to attend interventions to gain a working understanding of the concepts being taught. 
Study Hall is the second component. Students who have a grade(s) lower than a C- are assigned to attend Study Hall. Study Hall is also available for any student that chooses to take advantage of some extra time to work on homework. 
Our third component is the most popular and it is called Enrichments. Enrichments are mini activities that students can participate in during DEN Time. We have a variety of subjects ranging from crocheting to survival skills for the students to choose from. I have been amazed at how hard most students are working to keep their academic grades up so that they can participate in these activities. 
I would like to publicly thank my staff for all of their efforts to find new ways to help our students especially Aaron Preece, Gina Stuart, Joel Bowler and Ty Mikesell for their help in overseeing this endeavor.
It is our hope that with Consultation time that we started last year and the addition of DEN Time this year that we will be able to provide multiple opportunities for students to experience academic success. We are striving to help all of our students to have a successful educational experience.