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Bowling Scores for September 21, 2012

Article Date: 
21 September, 2012 (All day)

Our Wednesday Night Owls Bowling League has rolled into our new season. We have 8 full teams this year, and are very excited for that. We have several new bowlers this year we would like to welcome to our league. Shadd Straw, Kacie Chappell, Steve Michaelson, Cindy Coleman, Natalie Coleman, Cody Coleman, Danny Kline, Casie Carter, Heather Lombard, and Dillon Smith.  Our high scores and series for this week go to Cathy Friery 166, Pat Olsen 183 and a 454 series, Pat Bird 160, Jo Peterson 163, Craig Mahoskey 180, Dillon Smith 202 and a 540 series, Heather Lombard 151, Danny Kline 208 and a 541 series, Steve Michaelson 221 and a 571 series, Shelly Betz 161, Misty Spendlove 152, Bill Skeen 177, and Kacie Chappell 166 and a 463 series. Great Bowling. Thanks again also to Subway of Morgan for sponsoring our leagues!
Our Monday Morning Ladies Bowling League has now started and we hope to have a great year ahead. We have two new members on our league, Laura Hull and Christine Peterson. We are also still looking for two more ladies to completely fill our league. If you are interested please call Parkside Lanes 801-829-6012 for more info. Our high scores and series for this week go to Jane Casper 163, Connie Watterson 156, Pat Bird 157, Kelly Christiansen 155, Lynette Bosworth 163, Cleone Hortin 155, Misty Spendlove 162, Pat Olsen 180 and a 485 series, Cathie Layton 173 and a 461 series, Pauline Maxwell 157 and a 461 series, Susan Crandall 157, Berniece Warner 168, Gloria Marcellin 164, Bonnie Jeffrey 156, Cathy Friery 176, and LeeAnn Rudd 175 and a 461 series. Our Bowler of The Week was Shawna Froerer. Great bowling Ladies! Glad to have you all back.
Our Tuesday Morning Housewives bowling league has now begun and we are still looking for at least 8 ladies to come and bowl with us, so grab a friend and some bowl with us. If you would like more info please call Parkside Lanes at 801-829-6012. We would like to welcome out new bowlers this year, Carolyn Hibler, Stephanie Keele, Nicole Van Bibber and Paula Woolsey. Our high scores and series for this week go to: Kresta Love 155, Stephanie Keele 152, Janet Bell 175, and a 476 series, Janice Nielsen 170 and a 474 series, Melva Minster 180 and a 495 series, Nichole Slate 184, Cleo Stuart 165, Camille Nichols 168, Judy Carter 169, Candice Johnson 170, Carole Townsend 154, Carolyn Hibler 185, and Misty Spendlove 169 and a 461 series. Great bowling Ladies!