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Bowling Scores

Article Date: 
22 October, 2010 - 06:00

Wednesday Nite Owls Scores and Standings

Team Standings
 1st  Parkside Lanes
2nd  Northrop Grumman
3rd  Team 3
4th  Shooters
 Mens High Scores
222 Dennis Vernon  212 Randy Glanville  191 Mike Shope

 Mens High Series
558 Randy Glanville  522 Dennis Vernon  486 Chad Hayes
 Womens High Games
167 Misty Spendlove  160 Teresa Shope  138 Pat Scoville
 Womens High Series
445 Misty Spendlove  412 Teresa Shope  369 Pat Scoville

Monday Morning Scores and Standings

                                        Wins     Losses
1 Western Auto Sprinkler   17        7
2 Eagle Rock Const.          141/2   91/2
3 Rees Fur Farm                14        10
4 Gordy’s Girls                   111/2   121/2
5 Morgan County News     11        13
6 Head Over Heels            101/2   131/2
7 Morgan Drug                   8         16     
8 Crandall Ford                  51/2    181/2
    High Games  Connie Waterson 164-183, Cathy Friery 175, Becky Wilde 160, Misty Spendlove 167, Lisa O’Brien 179, Lynette Bosworth 208-150, Gloria Marcellin 159, Pat bird 150.  
    High Team Game Hcp goes to Eagle Rock Const with a 807, team members are Amy Lopez, Bonnie Jeffery, Joni Rassmussen and Berniece Warner.  High Team Series Hcp goes to Crandall Ford with a 2331, team members are Cara Jones, JoAnn Rees, Cathy Friery and Susan Crandall.  Our fun game this week was most spares missed and it was won by Cara Jones with a 23.  A lot of us tried to win this.       
    Last week several of us went to the Senior Games in St. George Cathy Friery, Barbara Reommich, Merlene Siddoway and Pat Bird, Cathy won a Gold Medal for singles scratch and Merlene and Pat won a silver medal for doubles scratch lots of fun.