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Bowling Scores for 24 January 2014

Article Date: 
24 January, 2014 (All day)

Standings for this week are 1st Eagle Rock Construction, 2nd Denise’s Home Plate (tie), 2nd Valley Girls (tie), 4th Head Over Heels, 5th Morgan Drug and 6th Bell Oil.  High Games: Berniece Warner, 157;  Gloria Marcellin, 163, 153; Cindy Matthews, 175, 155, 152; Lynette Bosworth, 202; Cathie Layton, 164; Shawna Froerer, 159, 164, 167; Pauline Maxwell, 150, 183; Pat Olsen, 178, 178, 170; Laura Hull, 155, 156; Pat Bird, 151,179; Becky Wilde, 150; Cathy Friery, 160, 173; Susan Crandall, 167, 160.
High Series: Pat Olsen, 526; Cindy Matthew, 482; Lynette Bosworth, 495; Shawna Froerer, 490; Pauline Maxwell, 457; Pat Bird, 455; Cathy Friery, 461; Susan Crandall, 465.  We bowled for the dubious honor of having the most missed splits in a series. This was won by our own one and only Shawna Froerer with 7 in the series. Happy Birthday to Berniece, Pat B. and Susan for the last part of January.
Our high scores for this week go to Colton 179, Cooper 175, Riley 167, Cole 124, Luke 151, Preston 249, Tavon 99. Keaton 157, Mike 181 and Cameron 178. they also won all of their games this week. great bowling boys!
Our team standings for this week are in 1st place is Parkside Lanes and team members are Neal and Shelly Betz, Kayla Wilson, and Karl Reeder. In 2nd place is Split Happens and team members are Dillon Smith, Heather Lombard, and Casie and Danny Kline. Our high scores and series for this week go to Dillon Smith 262=635, Heather Lombard 167, Neal Betz 213=568, Shelly Betz 158, Bill Skeen 195=522, Mike Shope 176, Teresa Shope 204=510, Lynsey Enlow 159, Craig Mahoskey 235=670, Dennis Vernon 183, Cathy Friery 152, Brock Wilson 230=629, Pat Olsen 192=526, Pat Bird 198=490, Randy Glanville 176, and Ruth Preece 159. Great bowling everyone!
Our team standings for this week are tied for 1st place is Brad and Cathie Layton, and Mark and Georgia Scates. Next is line is Cathy and Ed Friery. Our high scores and series for this week go to Pauline Maxwell 169, Dale Maxwell 188=505, Cathy Friery 199=495, Mark Scates 177, Brad Layton 190=541, Cathie Layton 201=497, Lucille Diston 173=460, and Becca Bigler 172. Great bowling .
Our team standings for this week are tied for 1st place is Team 4 and team members are Janet Bell, Cheryl Skidmore, Janiece Nielsen, and Melva Minster, and Team 5 and team members are Stacey Buchanan, Amanda Harden, Heather Peters, and Candice Johnson. Our high scores and series for this week go to Nichole Slate 157, Cleo Stuart 175=478, Wendy Winn 151, Candice Wilkinson 153, Janiece Nielsen 184=488, Melva Minster 186=485, Jessica Jorgensen 150, and Heather Peters 159. Great bowling ladies!