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Bowling Scores for 15 March 2013

Article Date: 
15 March, 2013 (All day)

Our team standings for this week are in 1st place is Crandall Ford and team members are Cara Jones and Susan Crandall. In 2nd place is Eagle Rock Construction and team members are Ethel McQueen, Barbara Roemmich, Berniece Warner, and Gloria Marcellin. In 3rd place is Head Over Heels and team members are Margaret Bowman, Joann Rees, Cindy Matthews, and Laura Hull. Our high scores and series for this week go to Margaret Bowman 157, Joann Rees 156, Cindy Matthews 163=475, Amy Lopez 155, Cathy Friery 178=464, LeeAnn Rudd 183=482, Berniece Warner 161, Gloria Marcellin 160=456, Terrie Stephens 159, Cathie Layton 183=479, Becky Wilde 150, Kelly Christiansen 156, Lynette Bosworth 171=477, Cara Jones 142, Susan Crandall 216=509, Pat Bird 174, and Pat Olsen 154. Nice bowling Ladies! 
Our team standings for this week are in 1st place is Team 2 and team members are Nichole Slate, Cleo Stuart, Camille Nichols, and Wendy Winn. In 2nd place is Team 3 and team members are Trina Pentz, Paula Woolsey, Bonnie Woolsey, and Gaylene Evans. In 3rd place is Team 4 and team members are Stacey Buchanan, Judy Carter, Candice Johnson, and Carole Townsend. Our high scores and series for this go to Paula Woolsey 163, Nichole Slate 203=498, Wendy Winn 188=474, Candice Johnson 157, Cheryl Skidmore 170, Janice Nielsen 171=475, and Melva Minster 195=576. Great Bowling Ladies!
Riley Bird 139,  Josie Hunt 103, Garrett Matthews 168, Nate Chappell 148, Wyatt Matthews 138, and Luke Cannon 62. Great bowling kids!