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Bowling News for Nov. 4, 2011

Article Date: 
4 November, 2011 (All day)


Our Wednesday night Owls bowling league had some great bowling this week. Our team standings for this week are in 1st place is Northrop Grumman and team members are: Ashton Hoopes, Pat Olsen, Pat Bird, and Randy Glanville. 

In 2nd place is Team Storm and team members are: Neal Betz, Shelly Betz, and Misty Spendlove. In 3rd place is Strike 3 and team members are: Pat Scoville, Dennis Vernon, Jo Perterson, and Chad Hayes.

Our high games for this week go to Teresa Shope 164, Dave Preece 180, Misty Spendlove 152-159, Crystal Monzella 201-227-190 with a 618 series, Craig Mahoskey 188-192 and a 539 series. Dennis Vernon 177, Jo Peterson 152, Chad Hayes 177, Ashton Hoopes 182, Pat Olsen 180-162-191 with a 5332 series, randy Glanville 199 and a 507 series. Cathy Friery 158, and Lynsey enlow 171.  Thanks again to Subway of Morgan for sponsoring our league!



We had a are great time bowling on Halloween this week, and we had some really great bowling to go along with it. Our high scores for this week go to Karen Henrie with a 170 who also shot 50 pins aver her average. Other high scores for the week go to Cleone Horton 156, Judy Judd 159, Cathy Friery 155-165, Pat Bird 160, Pat Olsen 162-168-201, Berniece Warner 180-166, Lynette Bosworth 171, Terrie Stephens 173-176, Cathie Layton 190-214, Pauline Maxwell 167-168, Leeann Rudd 160, Cindy Matthews 150-171-168, Gloria Marcellin 160-162, and Misty Spendlove 163-171-156. 

High series scores for this week go to Cathy Friery 468, Pat Olsen 531, Berniece Warner 468, Lynette Bosworth 458, Terrie Stephens 484, Cathie Layton 533, Pauline Maxwell 476, Cindy Matthews 489, Gloria Marcellin 457, and Misty Spendlove 490.

Our team standings for the week are in 1st place Morgan Drug in 2nd Team 6, and in 3rd Crandall Ford. Thank you to Subway of Morgan.