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Barber Brothers Raises More Than $4,000 for Morgan Schools

Article Date: 
24 June, 2011 (All day)


Barber Brothers Ford, Morgan High School, and members of the local community raised $4070.00 for Morgan High School at a recent test-drive event (part of Ford Motor Company’s Drive One 4 UR School program). For each of the 220+ Morgan-area residents who test-drove a Ford vehicle at Morgan High School May 5th, Barber Brothers Ford and Ford Motor Company donated $20 to fill needs at the high school. 

Since the program’s inception in 2007, Drive One 4 UR School has offered 275,000 test-drives at more than 1,500 events to generate over $5 million in donations for high schools nationwide. The money raised during the Drive One 4 UR School program has helped ensure that extracurricular activities such as sports and music programs continue in local communities. 

“We are thrilled that so many people from the local community turned out to support Morgan High School, and I’ve never been more proud to be a Ford dealer. Participants had the chance to take a fun, casual drive in one of our vehicles, while lending our students and community a much-needed helping hand,” said John Barber, Dealer President, Barber Brothers Ford.  “We have another event scheduled September 16th and hope to raise an additional $8,000.00 for Morgan area schools. Please plan on participating; together we can make a difference.”

“With all the cutbacks in school budgets, finding creative ways to fund-raise is imperative,” said Ken Adams, Superintendant of Morgan School District. “What Barber Brothers Ford and Ford Motor Company are doing truly is a blessing for our students, and it says a lot about who they are as a company. The money raised on May 5th will be given to the School for whatever they see is an imperative use of the money.” 

Barber Brothers Ford has been in business since 1998.  They are one of the most active community sponsors. Examples include:  Morgala Days Sponsor for 13 years, Morgan County Fair Title Sponsor for 12 years, FFA Scholarship Sponsor for 10 years, WBBA Baseball Sponsor for 10 years, 4th of July Sponsor for 10 years, Widow Maker Hill Climb Title Sponsor for 5 years, and as a Morgan Library Contributor.