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Barber Bros. Ford Raises Funds to benefit MHS

Article Date: 
23 September, 2011 (All day)


Barber Brother Ford again pulls through with another fund raiser to benefit Morgan High School. Barber Brothers Ford set up brand new cars in the Morgan High School back parking for the general public to take a test drive in. Each test drive resulted in $20 to $30 dollars donated back to the school, depending on the car driven. To be qualified for the Drive One 4 UR School program, John Barber had to submit The Morgan High School as a recipient to the Ford Dealer Corporation. Out of the 4,000 dealerships across the country, only 1,000 of those dealerships get selected to do this for the schools. Barber Brother Ford submitted his request at 11:59 p.m. in order to be one of the 1,000 dealers selected. The Ford motor corporation pays the schools from the test drives Barber Brothers Ford brought the vehicles to be test driven. 

Barber Brother Ford gives a huge thank you to Brenda Crossley from the P.T.S.O. who helped organize the event. There was a steady flow of patrons who test drove these cars. The Morgan County News Staff even test drove a new Ford Explorer, with features that included voice activated instructions and menu, leather seats, and too many other features and modern devices to list,it was decided if we owned one of these vehicles, we could almost run the newspaper from the comfort of that SUV! Barber Brothers Ford is a big supporter of the Morgan Schools and other community events. Support our local businesses as they support our kids. The total donated of this event will be calculated and given on the next report.