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Back to School

Article Date: 
26 August, 2011 (All day)


The school bell rang in the new school year for Morgan School district on Tuesday August 23.  The usual excitement and nerves tinged each student as he or she returned to school.  Bodee Wright, a third grader, was so excited, his mom wasn’t sure if he even knew if she existed.  His older sister, Bailee, left the comfort of elementary last year and after her first day at school was left a bit exhausted, but excited for the year, especially about her new locker.  A new locker was what fellow sixth grader Kale Bigler was most excited about.  

The first graders waiting to be picked up after school were definitely most excited about eating school lunch and extra recess.   Mrs. Marie Adams class even had on safari hats and homemade binoculars.  They had gone on a safari throughout their first day to find animals all over the school in places like the principal’s office, library, cafeteria and more.  Her class had so much fun they tried to come in early from recess!

This was Principal Wolfe’s second year welcoming students to Morgan Elementary and he felt like the first day of school went very well.  He stated the entire office felt the first day of school was a success.  

Wolfe feels that a good day means “get ‘em in, get ‘em fed, get’ em home.”  This year the school expanded the get ‘em fed’ aspect by adding breakfast to the school day.  Roxanne Rich, the school nutrition director, presented the idea to the school and they were very supportive and felt like it was the right thing for Morgan Elementary.  The first day they served around 20 children pancakes and cereal.  It is expected more students will join their classmates for an early morning bite.  The menus for all four schools can be found each week in The Morgan County News and at On this website you can also pay for school lunch.

Wolfe gave credit for the successful start to the entire staff.  He stated that Morgan Elementary has a great front office that helps the school to run so well.  He visited nearly every class on the first day and found every one of them ready and with teachers prepared.  “This is a very good school,” Wolfe stated, “We have a lot of knowledge.”  

The School has a lot of teaching expertise coupled with new enthusiasm as the school added 6 new teachers this year.  One of them, a Morgan Elementary graduate, Chelsee Brown enthusiastically greeted her new first grade class.  Miss. Brown was very excited to have her own class and to put faces to the names she has been preparing lessons for since June.   She helped them get their nerves out and helped them find their way around the school.  She encourages parents to stay involved.  If they are worried, their student’s teacher is only a phone call away.

Some of the more experienced teachers also offered advice for the new school year.  Mrs. Gaylene Adams, a 4th grade teacher, feels attendance is one of the key factors in a student’s education.  She was delighted that every student was in her class on the first day of school.  She has had years of starting school with a few empty desks on the first day.  Mrs. Pratt, a third grade teacher, had an unexpected student sitting in her classroom Tuesday morning.  While she scrambled to quickly prepare supplies for him, she welcomed the addition.  She encourages students to “come with a happy attitude ready to learn.”  Parents can help their students be ready by talking to their students about school and being positive.   

Principal Tom McFarland of Mountain Green Elementary was almost speechless he felt the first day went so smoothly.  He felt the first day of school was ‘tremendous’.  Everything went according to plans on the first day of the school at Mountain Green Elementary.  McFarland encourages students to enjoy school and work hard.  He enjoys his job because he works with good parents and good students.

Good Luck and learn a lot this year!