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Art gallery open house a hit

Article Date: 
10 February, 2012 (All day)

Imagine deer, antelope, a buffalo, a elk, an eagle, a moose and Native American Indians all in one place.... no PBS documentary, its Morgan’s own art. 

New art exhibits at the Rocky Mountain Fine Art Gallery. This past Friday,February 3rd,  opened a new month with two featured artists. February’s theme is “Nature”.

Both of Morgan, the work of Josh Hunt and Joe Watkins, was introduced last week, at an open house held in their honor.

The work of taxidermy isn’t often recognized at as a form art, but the way Josh portrays the animal images they are real to life,and to grasp the realism is art. A full size deer comfortably curled up on the gallery floor. The head of the antelope, with “the actual antlers and hide came from two different antelope,” explained Josh. The antelope is displayed appropriately next to Joe’s antelope painting. 

Then in front corner of the gallery, sits the head of a bison (buffalo) mounted on a tree branch (this was previously on display at Bingham’s Meats) a fine example of the size and magnitude of this creature. The prestige of the elk was there with the massive rack of antlers, rested on top of its head.

An eagle pictured in the center of the painting trimmed with actual bird feathers.This is the unique work of Joe Watkins. An image of a moose is painted on a light colored feather. Native American Indians, presented as a proud yet serious portraits painted on top of feathers, and accented with feathers. 

Described on gallery website: “Joe Watkins’ creative artistry extends beyond his keen eye for dynamic composition and fine brushwork. He is not limited by traditional canvas and mounting methods. Watkins paints wildlife and western imagery on wild turkey feathers using acrylic paints and frames them in finely patterned, artfully cut mats that make his artwork come alive.”

Though these images presented in their natural form, their presence was no threat or alarm, to the patrons in attendance. The company there was friendly. The refreshments were good, too.

For a while, one of the after-school art students, Hailey Hopkin was working on a wilderness painting, from a picture on the computer, it actually resembled the picture. Hailey is a sophomore at Morgan High School and has attended three art classes of Amy’s. 

Amy was also painting, a portrait of her sister, Whitney.

Last year’s featured artists work is displayed at the gallery website, including Joe Watkins art.