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Around the Valley for Oct 14, 2011

Article Date: 
14 October, 2011 (All day)


Morgan Beta Literary Club

On October 6, 2011, members of the Morgan Beta Literary Club met at the Morgan Senior Center for the Beginning of their 2011/2012 year.  President Joni Despain conducted the meeting, fifteen members were present and three members excused.  Booklets were hand out with assignments for the club year and everyone was reminded to pay their club dues. 

The time was turned over to Anna Porter for the review, “Please Look  After Mom,” author Kyung-Sook-Shin.  This is a story of a family in Korea.  It weaves together four vivid voices-of a daughter, son, husband and mother, each with their own confessions.  The mother is missing and in their journey to find her, feelings and regrets and the love they feel comes out in the story as each gives their viewpoint.  

It was a deeply felt journey into a culture foreign to many, yet with a theme that is  universal in all cultures. Sacrifice, sorrow, regrets and special moments that build us into the people we become.  This was a

Beautiful review and everyone was drawn into the story.

Hostess for the evening was Marilyn Grasteit with Cohostess Gwen Francis, beautiful pumpkins with flowers decorated the tables and refreshments served Fresh Peach Dessert and Cherry-up with Rice Chex Snacks.  Next meeting will be November 3, 2011.

(Joan S. Mortensen)


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