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Adult education program offered in Morgan

Article Date: 
6 December, 2013 (All day)

By Blaine Fackrell
Morgan School District would like to make residents aware of the existence of the Adult Education program. Our program is open to local residents as well as those from nearby communities who did not graduate from high school and want to earn their high school diploma or GED.
Our program is designed with an open enrollment. Students can enter and leave at any time. The majority of coursework is completed online with one-on-one help available from the teacher as needed. The teacher can monitor student progress online, see what students are learning and how they are progressing through their coursework. 
Students use computer-assisted instruction before completing the related assignment. The assignment is graded by the computer, so feedback is instant. If the student needs assistance, they may phone, email, or text the instructor at any time and they will get back to the student shortly. After completing a given amount of coursework, students may call for an appointment or attend the Wednesday evening session to complete their final test. There is a final exam in most courses, but not all.
When a student enrolls in the program, they have to complete a series of tests that determine their level of proficiency or knowledge at that time. 
Since leaving high school, many students have increased their knowledge and abilities in reading, writing, science, history and mathematics through employment. Many students receive elective credits for their employment, military service, professional courses, or other courses from their employer. 
Students begin to complete the coursework at their current level shortly after registration. We also assist each student in making a plan for their future, whether it be completing high school or earning acceptance into a trade school or a college program. We can help them determine what education they need to enter a particular career path. We help students with scholarship applications, resume writing, and interviewing skills if desired.
Our program has many advantages over the 100 percent face-to-face programs offered in nearby school districts. Our program cost is less than the programs offered in other school districts. Expenses vary depending on the courses needed with some available at no cost. 
This program allows students to work and complete school at the same time. It allows 24/7 access at home, work or play. Many students have been able to continue their coursework even when out of town. Students proceed at their own pace based on their desire to achieve and thus are able to graduate with their diploma in their own time frame.
We provide a lot of help and resources for those preparing for their GED. The GED program will have major changes at the beginning of 2014. We strongly encourage those who are seeking their GED to prepare now to take the tests before the changes take effect.
If interested, contact Blaine Fackrell at (801) 668-0101 or Interested students can also visit the Adult Education Center in the portable to the south of the high school football field on Wednesday evening from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Blaine will be glad to make arrangements to meet and begin your program.