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50 Things To Do in Morgan County - Tifie Ranch

Article Date: 
21 June, 2013 (All day)

About 10.5 miles from the Morgan exit on Highway 84, and driving south past Porterville stands The Tifie Ranch in Morgan, Utah.  The ranch, which is a family operation, is among the 50 things to do in Morgan County. 
In 2007, Robert and Angie Workman purchased property in Morgan County to build their home.  They had searched all over and were happy to find a place nestled in the Rocky Mountains that even had a river running through it.  
Because Robert was raised in a small town in Wyoming, he was raised to believe in being self sufficient.  Since much of their newly acquired property fell under greenbelt usage, they started ranching and farming.   They have goats and chickens and grow many varieties of vegetables on the property.
This grew into what is known today as the Tifie Ranch.  The ranch produces eggs, tomatoes, lettuce, spinach, cabbage and squash during the respective growing periods.   Currently, the Workman family markets their produce at the Salt Lake Farmer’s Market, but Angie commented that they are considering selling some of their produce on site.  
They also sell seedlings and currently have seedlings for Snow White tomatoes, ground cherry tomatoes, sweet seedless tomatoes, sun gold tomatoes, habanero orange peppers, mini red bell peppers, mini yellow bell peppers, Anaheim Highland peppers, basil and other herbs.
The name of the ranch, Tifie, stands for Teaching Individuals and Families Independence through Enterprise and comes from the humanitarian organization by this name.  
The humanitarian organization’s website,, says, “After 30 years as a successful entrepreneur and owner of Provo Craft and Novelty Inc., Robert and his wife Angie wanted a focus that would more profoundly change people’s lives around the world.”  
Through the Tifie humanitarian group, the Workman family not only developed their own way of farming, but organized charitable efforts in Africa and the South Pacific. They strive to help struggling societies realize their potential for self-sufficiency and prosperity.
The Workmans said that they would be glad to educate the general public about their growing system and explain the philosophy behind their operation that includes renewable energy sources.   
They also have an excellent website,, that tells their philosophy, lists their products and where they can be bought, and gives driving directions as well as contact information. It also includes a harvest calendar that outlines a schedule for harvesting different crops. 
As a part of their attempt to leave a smaller footprint, the Tifie organization is looking to market their produce to local grocery stores and restaurants. Through this they hope to cut down on carbon emissions when food is transported long distances. 
When exploring Tifie ranch, you will also find a unique camp ground.  This multi-purpose retreat facility was designed for youth, scouts and families.  
With the help of partners, Goal Zero, Tifie Ranch is run entirely from alternative energy, powered by hydro-electric, solar, wind and geo-thermal power sources. “Campers are taught about renewable energy and the value of being good stewards of the earth while they stay at the ranch,” according to the website.
This space is primarily used for extended Workman family reunions, but limited times are available for outside reservations. Church groups and youth groups have used the site for events and camping.  
The camp ground accommodates up to 150 people and has a pavilion with bathrooms, a playground, a tipi village, an archery range and a fire bowl.  The campsites are designed for individual tents. Even though the space was originally only envisioned for family use, the Workman family has been thrilled to be able to share its beauty with so many others.  Their philosophy has always been “We can’t take it with us; everything we have is of God; we need to share what we have.” 
Those who wish more information on the camping facilities can call the Workmans at (801) 829-4094.