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4-H Play “Beauty IS a Beast” Held

Article Date: 
29 April, 2011 (All day)


When is beauty not beautiful? When her name is Beauty but her actions are beastly. Referring to the 4-H Theater Club’s performance titled “Beauty IS a Beast” by D.M. Bocaz-Larson.

 It had comedy ..drama..romance and yet it was only one evening. This delightful play was presented April 26th,2011 in the Morgan County Courthouse Auditorium to the public by a cast of ten of Morgan Middle School Students.

These students are members of Morgan County’ First 4-H Theater Club. The 4-H leaders are Cyndi McMillan and Shauna Carter. McMillan explains most of the cast members are playing multiple roles, which the performers carried out quite well. She pointed out they put the play together in 12 weeks just one hour a week.

Whenever the fairy godmother raised her arms to disappear it was usually the end of the scene or act. The quick shuffling of props and characters, the audience would patiently sit in awe wondering what is coming up next. 

The play is narrated by the Fairy Godmother (McKenzie Ellis) who strives desperately to fix things. Such things as giving a baby princess the gift of beauty,realizing later that was a mistake. For as the Princess Beauty (Sadie Carter) grows into a beautiful young woman she becomes hateful, spoiled, self-centered,selfish,rude,and obnoxious. When she does not approve of someone, for instance her male Tutor (Megan McMillan). She would call for the Guards (Bryce Gibb and Truxton Lane) and its off with his head.

The Fairy Godmother said, “Princess Beauty is lovely on the outside, but ugly on the inside”. Princess Beauty has a sister Princess Honor(Chloe Adams) who seems to be unnoticed because of her sister’s beauty but is kind and loving, and does not resent her sister in any way.

Realizing how unfair the situation has become, The Fairy Godmother makes the handsome Prince Andres(Truxton Lane), blind, so he will not fall in love with Beauty’s beauty and fall in love with Honor.

The still obnoxious Princess Beauty was disappointed, that the Prince was blind, for what could they have in common [he couldn’t notice her beautiful new dress, her hair, her shoes, etc.] 

So no one could see her beauty, The Fairy Godmother makes Princess Beauty invisible to the world, but that back fired when Beauty started pulling pranks on the local peasant girls. She had to do something with Beauty so, The Fairy Godmother turned her into a plain peasant girl (Heather Heywood).

Beauty was furious with her Fairy Godmother, because she is in now in a tattered dress and dirty and not allowed in the palace. She finds refuge in the home of peasants (Shelbe Abplanalp, Truxton Lane, Megan McMillan, Chloe Adams and Ethan Willden) where they cleaned her up, gave her a clean dress,some food and offer positive support, even though they didn’t believe her when she is Princess Beauty. She tried to explain though she was ugly on the outside she was Beauty on the inside.

One of the peasants, Nick (Ethan Willden) told her that she was beautiful,and that she was becoming more beautiful  on the inside. He was told by the Scribe ( McCaela McComb) that the King (Bryce Gibb) was offering 100 pieces of gold reward, for information concerning the where abouts of Princess Beauty. The Scribe also mentioned there was a hereditary birthmark on the princess’s foot. Discovering the mark on the peasant Beauty’s foot, Nick knew she really was the princess everyone was looking for, she had to go back. By this time she realized she didn’t mind working for her keep and she didn’t want to go back. Sharing his feelings for her, Nick tells her that she has become special to him and he will miss her.

Meanwhile back at the palace the wedding for Princess Honor & Prince Andres has been canceled until they find Princess Beauty. The royal family is reunited but with a strange request of Princess Beauty, she wants to remain as a plain peasant girl. The Fairy Godmother realized she had put the beauty on the inside, which seem to make Beauty, beautiful on the outside.

Princess Beauty also ask that everyone be considered equal and be made Lords and Laddies. The Fairy Godmother said  the peasants were freed from taxes,and lived happily ever after.

Special thanks as recognized by the 4-H cast members with a bouquet of flowers for the 4-H leaders McMillan,Carter, and Amanda Horrocks Morgan County Extension Agent.” this 4-H club,will continue,”said Horrocks “with the great support of the parents.”

The props and costumes were made by the 4-H members and their parents, the materials were provided by the Morgan County Council.

Watch for newspaper announcements for more 4-H this summer said Horrocks. As the crowd departed there were many happy faces and encouraging words to those who participated.

I predict we have not seen the last of these talented youth performers. Though a few mistakes with their  lines they continued with little hesitation,the show was a success.