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‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ visits Morgan

Article Date: 
6 December, 2013 (All day)

“Gimme gimme, that thing called love!”  
“Thoroughly Modern Millie,” the award-winning musical, made its way to our community for six energetic and memorable performances thanks to a joint effort by the Morgan High School drama and music departments.  
The musical takes place during the “flapper era” and depicts small-town Millie Dillmount’s life in big-city New York, where she has moved to realize her “thoroughly modern” goal of marrying her rich boss (whom she hasn’t met because she hasn’t secured a job).  
While in the Big Apple, Millie checks into the Pricilla Hotel, where she meets Miss Dorothy Brown, other modern girls and the seemingly empathetic caretaker, Mrs. Meers, who bemoans that for various orphan-tenants, it is “so sad to be all alone in the world.”  Unbeknownst to Millie, Meers is kidnapping these orphan-tenants and selling them into white slavery.  
Millie meets paper-clip salesman Jimmy Smith and struggles to deal with her romantic feelings for him while vying for the affection of her new and wealthy boss, Trevor Graydon, who hired Millie as a stenographer despite her lack of work experience and references.  Graydon’s affections, however, are directed toward Miss Dorothy.  Meanwhile, Meers’ henchmen, Ching Ho and Bun Foo, begrudgingly follow Meers’ commands with the hope that by so doing Meers will effectuate a reunion between the two and their long-lost, bearded mother (who is living in Asia).
 The drama comes to an exciting conclusion when Millie, Trevor and Jimmy (with help from head stenographer, Miss Flannery) uncover Meers’ scheme; Trevor loses Miss Dorothy to Ching Ho (who saved her from a life of slavery), but runs off with Ching Ho’s sister, Bun Foo.  Meanwhile, Millie learns that marrying for love over money is the path to happiness and she accepts Jimmy’s marriage proposal (and later finds out that Jimmy is rich after all and that he and Miss Dorothy had only pretended to be poor).  
The musical contained loads of humor, romance, fun-filled dance and song numbers, exciting plot twists, and high-energy performances.  
Hailey Voiles and Meghan Abbott alternated performing the lead role of Millie.  Collin Gibb and Maddi Beardall, in their first musicals, brought down the house as Jimmy Smith and Mrs. Meers.  Jake Walker and Brek Thornton played the attractive Trevor Graydon.  Colton Bell, as Ching Ho, paired with Tasha Romero and Jaycee Cook, who played Bun Foo.  Alina Cannon was Miss Flannery.  And Bailee Johansen and Kiley Matthews were the lovely Miss Dorothy.  Michael Mills directed the music and Candice Wilder directed the performers.