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‘Annie’ proceeds help Special Education Department

Article Date: 
14 October, 2011 (All day)


Recently, it was decided in a meeting with Morgan School District Superintendent Ken Adams and Special Education Director, Steven Wood, what to do with the money that was raised from the community theatre’s production of “Annie”.

“The ticket sales were $6,340,” stated Superintendent Adams, “and after expenses there was $4,336  for the special education department.”

“Some of the money will be spent on iPads,” explained Adams,”for those students that have challenges communicating.”

“Special Ed students will have access to these ipads during the school day, “said Mr. Adams.

“Communications is used in every setting: dragging (using the computer), speaking, reading, and hand writing,” stated Mr. Wood.

“There are all kinds of apps(applications).The ipads will add to the speech program giving one ipad for each building,

The speech personnel have been given a budget to purchase apps that will be useful,” explained Special Ed Director.

He continued to explain,”The speech personnel are researching and attending workshops to learn, what apps would be best suited for their students.” For instance, Mr. Wood said he just ordered an app to help a student to better articulate.

Some Ipads were provided last year through a grant, for the Special Ed Dept., said Mr. Wood.

“I appreciate the community’s support, coming out and supporting the play...with limited budget, we wouldn’t have been able to get these iPads without the additional funds.  .The production was excellent, I’m proud of them and those who participated and supported it.”

Some of the challenges are language and motor skills, its the superintendent and the director’s hope that with the assistance of the speech personnel and the additional apps to the ipads will aid in the students progress in communications.